” Let today be the start of something new

Hey guys, My name is Flyingdonkey and i’m 17 years old.
All my life I was looking for a place where I can share my world with people.

so, I’m a gamer girl and all my life I was a little bit ashamed about that but in the last 3 years I understand that I dont need to be ashamed so today finally I can say proudly that I love video games (and ofcourse that I still get “weird faces” and stuff like “what is wrong with you when I tell people about that).
I like to collect stuff and I have to much toys (like mcdonalds toys or from the suprise kinder[and right now im addicted to popdolls but its hard to find them in my country and they are not that cheap on ebay and stuff like that]).

All my life I was very shy but some stuff changed and today Im not very shy, its hard for me to start conversation with someone new and to tell you truth when I need to call and order some food I hate it so I try to order from the internet ^_^.

If you ask yourself when did I understood that Im a flying donkey?
I always was ^_^ because flying donkeys are the best ^^.

Right now I need to study for a very important exam that I have tomorrow but today most of the time I was watching youtube, playing videogames and now Im writhing this blogXD
Im not sure that I’ll get a good grade but what can you do? -.-

I hope that you have a great day! I hope that you will enjoy it^_^
its not easy for me to write about myself but at last time I try to listen to the quote “you will start enjoy life more the more you say “yes” to things” -Zoella


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